- industrial cleaning,
- factory cleaning, daily and general cleaning in three shifts, seven days a week,
- daily or general cleaning of offices, office buildings,
- cleaning of tanks and facades with aerial rope technique,
- cleaning, protective covering and polishing of PVC and linoleum surfaces,
- installation and refilling of hygiene systems,
- waste handling and management,
- antiseptic?/germicide cleaning of pipes.

Park keeping:

- maintenance of green areas inside and outside buildings,
- removing snow from grittings,
- landscaping, garden and park design and development.

Pest control:

Building maintenance, restructuring:

- electrical works,
- plumbing,
- gas and mechanical works,
- locksmith works,
- servicing and repairing drywall,
- joinery,
- painting and decorating,
- tilling and flooring,
- bricklaying,
- glazing,
- servicing and installation of air conditioning.

Safety and caretaking services:

- concierge, parking, caretaking and security services,
- caretaker,
- mail-, reception-, telephone operator-, hostess services.

We perform our duties by exclusive use of ISO 9001 products.
Our company was given MSZ EN ISO 9001:2001 qualification in the first half of 2003.

We always offer the most modern equipment, suitable for your claims and for the parametres of the location, on the basis of a preliminary inspection of the premises (see the enclosed appendix).
To help you in your decision and to make you know the quality of our work we are pleased to carry out a test cleaning any time.
After assessing the work to be done and a personnel meeting, we hand in our price quatation in writing.

Our offer includes the following:
- our cleaning technology broken down into shifts or in daily/ weekly/ monthly or annual breakdown
- the number of staff per shift
- cleaning machines, carts, other equipment used in the process
- detergents used in the process.

Our suppliers
We carry out our work by using Ecolab detergents and Comac equipment.